Can God Do Anything?

@Kdking (171)
January 18, 2007 5:38am CST
Do you agree when i say God can create any thing and that he is very strong? So then can God create a stone so so big that i he could'nt lift it up?
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@9676276 (264)
• Pakistan
18 Jan 07
yea i totally agree.GOD(ALLAH) has created everything.look if u r communist & a nonbeliever of GOD then i can teach u lessons of faith. look man!!! suppose i,ve slapped on ur face.u,ill feel pain but can u hold da pain or can u see it?da answer is no.similarly u can feel GOD but u can,t see him.i,ve my prayer wid u man dat someday will come when u,ill beleive in GOD & then u,ill feel free from fear.GOD Bless u...
@jricbt (1454)
• Brazil
18 Jan 07
Well, if you slap someone on the face, you can explain why the people felt pain, how the impact damage the target of your slap, you can analyse the area slapped and look for evidence of damage. And so, you cannot hold the pain on your hand, since pain is not a substance, but rather a combination of electrical impulses in the brain, besides a lot of substances, that make the face, the nerves, the chemical brain receptors. So the pain, altough not a substance, is explainable. Your god is not explainable. It is a matter of faith.
@kevkentis (590)
• Jamaica
19 Jan 07
I believe that God can do anything. And that there is nothing to heavy for him to lift nor too big for him to create. He is just unbelievable
@Dolcerina (3378)
• Hungary
18 Jan 07
You know I do not belong to any kinds of religions, but I belive in MY god. I think God is inside us. That is Your belief in yourself, your belief in others, your belief the power of love. Your 6th sense. I think people should know that when they pray they prey to the love what is inside each people. But unfortunatelly the most people think the GOD is somewhere far away, above the clouds. The people want help from a God, that is similar to OZ, the wizard. But God is not a tale, GOd is the power, that people forget about.
• South Africa
18 Jan 07
God can do abundatly more than we can think or imagine. It al depend on the amount of faith you have in him.
@moto47 (555)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 07
yes, of course! if he doesn't, so why He's called God? God is the only one and He can do everything He wish. In qoran [2:20] Allah said : "...And if Allah willed, He could take away their faculty of hearing and seeing; for Allah hath power over all thing."