Soap Opera and Extramarital Affairs

January 18, 2007 8:38am CST
Soap Opera and Extramarital Affairs Relevant deparments of Central Government is planning restrictions on the number of soap operas and TV dramas depicting extrmarital affairs...! It is believed that soap operas about extrmarital affairs have a negative impact on people, esp. young couples. Overemphasis on the dramatic effect does nothing good to the society but shake the stability of marriage and affect the healthy development of young people...! "Too many TV series exaggerating extramarital affairs can make juveniles believe that kind of relationship is acceptable..." some film and TV direactor were quoted as saying...! Some well-known direactor advised that more family issues, such as relationships between parents and children should be aired in soap operas...! What do you think of the TV series exaggerating extramarital affairs for sheer dramatic effect and commercial purposes? How big an impact do those kind of TV dramas have on you and people around you if you don't mind making it public for the good of our communities?..!!!
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