what shud u do if your parents dont want u 2 marry your LOVE?

January 18, 2007 12:25pm CST
this is somewat related to my friend's life.he loves a girl madly and the girl also loves him very much.but they are not at all sure whether their sweet relationship will turn up into marriage.suggest some ways plzzzzzzz.
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@andilla (137)
• Sweden
18 Jan 07
It's very hard to tell, from such insufficient information. For a good marriage, you need sooo many things! If you have this nice feeling of "love" to the other person, that's wonderful, buit absolutely not enough for a long lasting relationship. Common purposes, good understanding, mutual support and such things are also vital in a marriage. Do these two young people that you are talking about, have these? Then they have a chance for a good marriage. And if it is so, then I am sure their parents also wouldn't say anything against it.
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@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 08
Hope they didn't fall in temporary obsession, and not love anymore, and at last neglected their parents. Good luck to your friend.
• India
8 Feb 07
the practical thing to do woud be to go on with ur life..........as it goes marriages are made in heaven
@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
18 Jan 07
I beleive it would depend on where you live,but my mother did that to me and it ended up my joining the army and never marrying,if I could go back and do it again,I would elope.
@shobasvk (788)
• Malaysia
18 Jan 07
Im here tellin frankly bout tis,if your friend have guts to love a girl,then he should also have the guts to stand for his love and not trying to get rid of his ove just because of parents.They are not going to be with us all the lifetime.Its your friend who decide his life and not his parents.If your friend's situation happend to me...of course i will stand for my love.pls don't misunderstand me.