Did you ever get SO mad at work, that you want to quit right then?

@sabrinam (1204)
United States
January 18, 2007 2:08pm CST
I'm so irritated with my boss, I'm looking for another job, have you ever experienced this? She acted like a big baby after I asked for a morning off...
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@Pekachu (1114)
• United States
18 Jan 07
I did get so mad i quit i did regret it but i do not believe i was wrong in why i did quit
@SHAMRACK (8521)
• India
25 Jun 08
Dear friend, I would never get mad but if possible if I have other lots of urgent works I would note that to the boss. I hope may be boss would have some more personal relation. I hope a boss is one who knows all the works and I do hope we would be well informed to the boss about those urgent matters. Doing personal matters of boss may give more personal touch that may even be more helpful may be in various out of work needs or on our works. Hence I feel always be sincere to boss. Treat boss as a boss until the boss behave like a boss this is my policy.
@classy56 (2882)
• United States
18 Jan 07
i think everyone has gotten mad at work an wanted to quit but didnt. but i did quit, i had a witch for a boss,i told her to take that job an shove it up her a$$,,an i was so happy an felt better to get rid if all that stress from that witch.lol