whiny Native Indians

January 18, 2007 3:33pm CST
So how many of you out there are sick and tired of these natives saying how North America belongs to them. The europeans stole the land from us centuries ago. Shut the F up. Where I am in Vancouver, Canada they claim they own the whole f'n place, worst of all freaking government caves in and gives them all these "treaty's" worth millions and millions. We gotta do something about this, our tax dollars are supporting this crap
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• United States
19 Jan 07
i don't like reparations(decades or generations after the fact), no matter what group of people we are talking about/ however, for the sake of learning, and history, we must be open-minded enough to be able to realize the facts of the case/ we also should be able to function in a nice way today, in the moment, the present... "when I look at you through the eyes of love, i see i'm really looking at a friend"...SRV
• Canada
20 Jan 07
you know, you are right about the past, we cannot change it. However I am saying the "groups" are still sulking and balking about how they were injusticed. In turn they are still using this to have monetary gains in the forms of $$ and land. Maybe I should sue some old buddies of mine in high school because they made me skip school? ridiculous right? It's the same principle.
@anthony89 (154)
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10 Oct 09
I know what you mean and I have heard native whine about their land as well. I do know that they get a lot of money which may be from our tax dollars supporting this. The way I see it is that if this is their land they should take care of it, oh yeah other people need help to :)