Single at 41: A Curse or a Blessing ?

January 18, 2007 4:19pm CST
Friends keep telling me I should be thankful. With the current economic crunch, having a family of your own prove to be extremely difficult than ever. And the freedom that goes with being single is more of an advantage and that I might as well enjoy it while it last. But should I really be thankful? Yes, at my age of 41 I am still very much single. I have had my own share of love's blissful days, so to speak. But I don't know if fate is really that unkind, past flames was sooner extinguished by lies and deceit. I never been that choosy. Well, of course girls or women for that matter HAVE to choose in one way or the other but never to a point when I look down on my suitors with gross contempt. Subconsciously, I would always console myself by thinking that millions have bigger problems and here I am, musing over a very superficial issue here. But I would admit that there are days when I would cry and be extremely fearful of getting old alone and not having enjoyed playing with my own kids or spending blissful times with my own man. Am I being immature or irrational ? Oh, well....
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