What is your defense mechanism in handling critical situation?

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January 18, 2007 10:39pm CST
Defense mechanism protect us from being conciously aware of a though or feeling which we cannot accept or tolerate. The defense only allows the unconcious thought or feeling to be expressed indirectly in a disguise. let's say you are been hurt by someone else (lover, teacher, boss, parents, friends, etc.), the ff. are some various defense we do to hide and control our feelings: DENIAL - where you completely reject the though or feeling. like saying "i'm not angry with him!" though you feel so. SUPPRESION - where you are vaguely aware of the thought or feeling, but your're trying to hide it that even you've been hurt you will still try to be nice. REACTION FORMATION - you turn your feelings into its opposite. like saying he's great or any positive reaction but the real thing is he's not. PROJECTION - you think someone else has your thought or feeling. you brought back the situation saying "he's the one who hates me!" though you are. DISPLACEMENT - where you redirect your hurtings to someone or another else. "I hate them all!" "F~ck this TV it never turned on!" RATIONALIZATION - you find some various reason or explanation to justify what was happening (while denying the feelings) "prof. is just critical for he want us do our best." INTELLECTUALIZATION - a type of rationalization, only more rationalize. "i remember what my father said before, there's always a good reason why things happen." UNDOING - trying to reverse or undo the feeling by doing something that indicates the opposiste feeling. it may be an apology you find unacceptable within yourself. "maybe i'm just too much, i think i must buy some flower for her.." ISOLATION OF AFFECT - you're hurt but you insensitive of it because of being aware on the event, as your expecting in advanced. "Oh, it's nothing, i used to know it.." REGRESSION - reverting to an old, usually immature behavior to ventilate the hurting. "let's tease people!" SUBLIMATION - redirecting the feeling into a productive activity. "i must wash our clothes, there's so many thing to do in the households, ow! my pet doesn't eat since this morning!" "i'm going to write about fighting!" "i rather sing it into videoke than to argue with him!"
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12 Mar 07
i am aware that i have been using projection- i usually attributes my negative thinking to someone... instead of me hating me, he is the one who is hating me. denial is i think the most common and of course rationalization... sour-grapes and sugar coating definitely works for me on unwholesome and unnerving situations
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