How can I get rid of the mildew in my bathroom?

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January 18, 2007 11:00pm CST
I have tried everything, but nothing works. What the best possibly chemical-free product to use for the bathroom ot remove all of that unsightly mildew that seems to form out of nowhere. I even tried removing the old caulking and recaulking with mildew resistant, but it didn't help! What can I do?
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@enternet (36)
• United States
20 Apr 07
I used a product called Tub & Tile to get rid of the stains and mildew left by the previous owners of the house. If you don't have any luck with the other suggestions, send me a message and I'll help you get a bottle. It's much safer than bleach and doesn't burn your lungs if you breath it, since it's cheical free.
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23 Apr 07
Thank you very much! I definantly need something chemical free because I am allergic to strong chemical smells.
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18 Jul 07
I don't see a way to email people privately. The products I use are all on They are chemical free and do not have the horrible chemical smell. You can actually stay in the bathroom after you spray. The Tub & Tile is good to get it clean and you use the No Work after your shower to keep it clean. They have the first botanical disinfectant. No more Lysol or bleach or any of that. Email me at if you want more info. I don't always remember to check the discussions. Tabitha
@Pinkish (17)
• United States
30 May 07
You can use white vinegar for Mildew. Spray & leave for 20 minuets.
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8 Mar 07
I'm going to second the idea of above, and suggest vinegar. Also you could try baking soda. Between those 2 thats mostly what I clean anything with, from the fish tank, to the bathroom, to my cloth diapers, they are wonderful cleaners.
@deebomb (15314)
• United States
20 Jan 07
try vinager On this sit they have listed just about every thing that vinager can be use for. I't worth a try. I have read some where else that it was good for mildew.
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19 Jan 07
get a bucket of bleach water and a scrub brush. it is sure to get the mildew out.