If you have the power to rule the world....

@xiongqh (791)
Hong Kong
January 19, 2007 12:39am CST
I know everyone have one dream that want to have the power to rule or change the world, but we don't get it. Now I just want to ask, If you can rule the world, what do you do? I think it reflect that what is the things you want to change in the world, so, speak your mind here.
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@morsh8888 (634)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 07
If I have a power to rule the world. I would be make a great sadistic punishment that beyond your mind to those corruptor and criminals that they still among us.
• India
19 Jan 07
If I get a chance of ruling the world I would prefer to eradicate the poverty first by distributing the wealth of such people who have kept accumulated the money. Neither they are using it nor they are distributing it to needy. Just kept in bank account. Second thing I would like to do is elimination of castism. In name of castism people are engaged in terrorist activities in different parts of world. One cast one world. Third thing I would like to do is to give same right to all people from top to bottom, poor to rich.
@forjosie (1544)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 07
If I had the power..... I will stop any war around the world. Stop any racistsm, any teroristsm. Make every people had enough food for eat. I will make this world peace and make green every forest. Oh so great had a fantasy like that..:D:D I hope there will some leader of the world make my dream come true.....ameeeen!!!!!!!