Stupid topic but...Am I the only one who is sick???

United States
October 5, 2006 8:40pm CST
There is some type of virus going around here. I've been sick for 6 days and my doctor told me thios virus can last 3 to 4 weeks!!! OMG!!! My chest hurts, my stomach hurts from coughing, and it hurts to breathe...Is anyone else suffering with me?
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• Hong Kong
8 Mar 07
well, you must take care yourself and it is better finD someone to take care you too! wouldnt you?hoho... i had suffered from something maybe virus or some Microorganism that come from Marine life b4, when the microorganism(virus also a microorganism) infected me, my body inside try to protect myself, but in my case the protection of inside my body suffer me a lot,and it take me more then ten years to over come this~ so god bless anyone!
• United States
6 Oct 06
No, none of my family is sick here in the high desert of California. I hope we don't get sick seeing i have 9 month old grandaugther. I hope you feel better soon. I will be praying for you.
@moneymind (10518)
• Philippines
6 Oct 06
are you okay now? because if not better be resting and take a lot of fluids preferably rich in vit. c, it helps. greetings. : )