why boys like to act smart and are show off??

January 19, 2007 2:11am CST
dear my lot friends well it can be a normal incident or let's say a welknown topic that the boys act more smart then they really are. or they always act like others if they have to impress others.. do u agree with it? because i have seen many of them.
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• Nepal
21 Jan 07
Actually what the thing is boys are smart and they dont need to show off. I think u are mistaken and u have met only some boys coz girls do more show offf than boys. As the matter of impressing somebody, they have a unique technique of inpressing others. Coz showing off will rather give bad impression to the one u are trying to impress.So they are a bit kind of pretentious sometimes. So think from a different perspective you will find boys much smarter than they really look and they dont show off.