The Da Vinci Code Movie.....

January 19, 2007 2:18am CST
Hey guys...... Its my belief that this movie was not up-to-the-mark..... coz many instances which are in the book... are not even touched... who all agree with me....
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• India
23 Jan 07
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@shaz6611 (951)
• Australia
19 Jan 07
I agree entirely. some aspects of the book that I feel were important to the story were just completely ignored. I still feel however that it is an excellent movie despite its lack of accuracy to the book.
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@orli1301 (33)
20 Jul 07
I have the Dan Brown book The Da Vinci code a few times and was very excited when i first heard that they were planning on making the movie. Usualy i'm slightly cautious about going to see a movie thats been adapted or based upon a book, but i was certain that this movie would live up to the hype with Ron Howard directing and the actual author Dan Brown consulting. But, i have to say once i actually saw this much awaited movie, that i was extremely disappointed. I felt that too many key points in the book were either skimmed over or completely omitted. I'll take the book over the movie any day of the week.
@pinknic (307)
21 Feb 07
I agree. The movie was nowhere near up to the standard of the book. So much stuff was left out.
@Asafbs (154)
• Israel
12 Feb 07
I've read the book, but i still haven't seen the movie. Is it good?
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
It has always been that way. When a good book turns into a movie, those who have read the book and liked it very much would get very disappointed after watching the movie.