how i fell in love with ireland! though i've never been there...

January 19, 2007 2:20am CST
it all started when i began idolizing the irish lads called "boyzone". i fell in love with their music. and then i started researching bout them, where they came from. i found out their from ireland and the name of the country just sends shiver to my spine. i started looking at some pictures of this beautiful country and fell in love with the beautiful scenes. i got interested with the history of this country, too. i would watch movies with irish directors and artist. like "the war of the buttons", and "michael collins". their accent is to die for. i would love to have that irish accent. then i've found out that most new yorkers are irish or have irish ancestors. amazing country. i would love to have a tour around this country soon, or at least before i die! what about you? how'd you fell in love with ireland?
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19 Jan 07
yeah we have the same situation here..but not the same band..its westlife..when i knew that westlife live in ireland..its like i become interested in the country and actually it became my favorite country..i also started toseach about the country and read about their history and their geography..and i found out that this country is really one the great cpuntry in the world..
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11 Feb 07
I have a different situation here... I didn't like the country 'cause of boyzone and westlife... I liked it 'cause once, I surfed the internet for pics of different coountries and then I saw some pics of Ireland... I got fascinated and then that's it... I got addicted and I searched for more pics of Ireland...
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12 Feb 07
guys, this only goes to show that ireland is really a beautiful country. hope one day we'll be able to visit there. witness the fascinating and awesome sites. good luck to us all!