Why do people stage protests against which they dont like?

January 19, 2007 3:08am CST
Do people really gain something by staging protests say against a government or a policy of a government.
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@abhiquest (579)
• India
26 Feb 07
Mass protests garner support from media. Media itself can be broadly classified into print and electronic media, both have an equally important role to play. To begin with democracy as a form of governance can be successful only when there is active role of the masses in the affairs of the state. Here the role of media comes into play. One cannot expect the citizens to show interest in the running of the state until and unless they are aware of the true political happenings and events of national importance. Both the forms of media can transmit the necessary information to subjects and thus generate their interest. One of the prerequisites of a successful democracy is highly educated and politically conscious citizens. Media can play a very important role in creating awareness among the citizen regarding their rights and duties of the state. This would keep the concerned authorities on their toes and prevent any form of laxity by the state with regard to citizens rights. Various kinds of discrimination practiced by the state and different forms of disabilities suffered by the masses can also be checked with the positive intervention of media. Bringing democracy to the grassroots level is also the duty of media. In a democratic grassroots country like India, where majority of the population is confined to rural areas which lack the basic amenities of life media can play a suitable role. By its help people living in remote and far off places can update themselves of the latest government actions and projects started for their welfare. This greatly adds to their well being and all round progress of democracy.
@bobilongo (264)
• Austria
19 Jan 07
Well that use to be in the past when people demonstrate and the governments will listen but today things have change since we are more interested with interest of personality and seems not to care much about what people are propagating.The whole system have failed and something need to be done and fast to redress this situation in which we find ourselfs today
• Australia
19 Jan 07
This depends on what form of protest you are talking about. I believe people have every right to protest. We live in a democratic society. However, I do not have the right to impede another's progress or to disrupt other people's way of life by my protest. In other words, if I partake in a street protest and obstruct the normal carriage of that street, I am removing the rights of other people to use the street. This is wrong. I do not have the right to vandalise other people's property in order to make my protest. We see so much of this, and it is wrong. How CAN we protest? One very simple way is to write letters to the government: not abusive letters, but a clear, concise statement of what you consider to be a wrong, and a plea for action to put it right. Does it work? YES! When enough people have bothered to write letters, decisions of government have been overturned. We have a right to be heard, but we must also observe the rights of others.
@nickventere (1423)
• Zambia
19 Jan 07
Well, it is a form of expression, I guess, to register their dislike. It is a way to show that they don't like that thing. Just as much as people demonstrate for something they support.