Firehouse is my favorite classical band,how about you?

January 19, 2007 4:22am CST
Firehouse is simply the band that captured my interest and catered me with its very likable and meaningful songs. They're just the best for me. Their song entitled "Here for you" is my favorite. That is obviously why I used this song as my user name. They have lots of memorable and sensical songs which gave them a mark in every listener's heart.
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
Hi here_for_you. I love Firehouse. They are one of my favorite bands. Ever since they came out with the hitsong "Love of a Lifetime" I have just been hooked. Thanks and have a nice day!
@niitesh (1655)
• India
20 Apr 07
fire house is one of the best band with really meaning full songs mine favorite is finally found the love of the life time coz some one else 2 likes it
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@nettmu (396)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
i like them too since my high school days. my all time favorite song is arrow through my heart.
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@ChuckGel (244)
• Philippines
19 Jan 07
Yah, i agree with you. Basically, i'm one of their fun too since their early years of singing. And one of my favorite song from them is the song entitled "LOVE OF A LIFETIME". But anyways, i also seem to like your favorite song "HERE FOR YOU". And its nice hearing you singing that song too...
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• Indonesia
25 Nov 07
i though "When I look into your eyes" is the best
15 Nov 07
Firehouse band is one of my favorite coz the songs there is really good actually all of there songs i really like with one of there songs is FINALLY FOUND OF A LIFETIME. when you actually hear the song you gonna be inlove, especially to the people who are inlove they definitely love the songs.. so to all the firehouse members keep it up!! lovelots.
@devilangelo (4522)
• India
26 Aug 07
i agree with ya . FireHouse are one the best bands .. all thier songs are amzing .. their music , drums , guitars , lyrics , voice .. evrything is perfect .. here for you , when i look into your eyes ,i live my life for you .. etc .. .. are such an awesome songs . one can .. listen to these songs again n again n again n . still . . u wouldnt get bored of them :)