writing a referral letter for a high school graduate applying for scholarship

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January 19, 2007 5:16am CST
need help writing a referral letter for a high school student applying for scholarship to college. Her extracurricular activities include being a member of her high school concert,jazz,marching, and pep band. Volunteering at local organizations and also being in the honors program at school. She is also employed as a cashier at a deli. She chose to major in secondary education with a minor in psychology or sociology. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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@Judobird (88)
19 Jan 07
O.k I had a teacher write one of these for me, although I am from England and I have just gone to University. Basically my teachers started by commenting on my personality and how I have a diverse interest in many extra curricular activites ( I was going for a talented athlete scholarship) I used to work in a supermarket as well so they commented on my time management ability because I was juggling all my extra curricular activites, school work and a part time job. Comment on her trustworthiness as cash handling requires a degree of trust and therefore maturity and comment on her educational devotion and dedication. My tutor wrote something like "x is a very dedicated pupil and her dedication is reflected in all areas of her life both curricular and extra curricular, therefore she will be invaluable to any institution both in an academic and social aspect." I am sorry I can't remember much more about what they wrote because they wrote it about 9 months ago. I hope this helps however. Good Luck.
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19 Jan 07
thanks for your wonderful response. any ideas how to end the letter?