January 19, 2007 7:05am CST
Have u ever been at a RHCp concert?it's fantastic...expexially when they start..."give it away"... i've been at their milano concert 3-4 years ago and this year.. what about u?
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@ruth123 (17)
25 Jan 07
Hey, They're amazing aren't they! I went to a RHCPs concert in 2003..I think maybe 2004. The atmosphere was just great, especially for Californication and Can't Stop.
@shawn2008 (296)
• United States
4 Feb 07
NO!!! i want to so bad. i even joined their official site because i want to find out when they are going to be coming close to my home. this is one of my biggest life goals. if i dont c them in concert i CANNOT R.I.P
@carlomeno (1086)
• Italy
19 Jan 07
I have never been at one of RHCP concert but i LIKE THEM. Nice song is Hey Oh!