Number of discussions needed for 10dollars

@mishald (176)
January 19, 2007 10:28am CST
hey guys how many discussions did u have to respond to or start to reach the minimum of 10 dollars. anyone there who has any tips for earning cash faster. please share...
1 response
@iivvoo50 (99)
• Latvia
19 Jan 07
There is no way to tell You how much discussions You must start to get ten dolars. Usualy members start few quality discussions in a week which gets many responses. All other time they upload pictures to Their interests and answer with responses to other discussions. You should post quality answers more than 1-2 lines. We all believe that quality responses will make You much more money than if those responses would be 1 line. Some users post a lot of answers with few words such as: I don't know... And after few 1000s responses they are asking why did they make so small cash :) It's Your choice post responses with a quality or post one or two line responses. You decide...