i posted 10 new threads got paid very less

January 19, 2007 11:01am CST
yesterday i posted 10 new threads and 10 replies but i got paid only $0.40 cents.why? how to maximize my earnings?
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• Pakistan
19 Jan 07
well! i dun think it is less cause these guys(mylot) is paying you just for posting a response and 1 or 2 cent is good! (Note that this site is not a substitute for JOB :D LOLZ)
@iivvoo50 (99)
• Latvia
19 Jan 07
I would say that is not so bad it means that for 1 You got 0.02$. If You make 50 responses You would get 1$ I think that is't imposible. To increase Your earnings upload pictures to Your interests, get some referals (invite friends). Your responses I think must have more than 2 lines. If Your response is good enough than member who started discussion could subscribe Your response for the best response (it's some kind a pencil up to every answer) than You will get more money so thats becouse You need to response with a quality. I don't know much You will get for best response but I think that it could be much more than 0.02$ So be patient and work,work,work ;)