why do you think people do things like this?

January 19, 2007 12:40pm CST
my mobile phone has been stolen this afternoon. i just noticed that my backpack's pocket was already opened and my mobile has gone.i called my number, but it's already switched off, i even sent text messages, made some persuation and bargaining just to have it back, but to no avail.it brings me heartaches, guilt and terrible loss not because of my phone's market price, but its sentimental value to me- the 1,200plus text messages of my loveones, my friends, the stored data and numbers,pictures...it's all gone now.am so hopeless for it to be recovered.why do you think there are person/s capable of taking something they dont own themselves?do they even believe in "Karma" or something?they are hurting people like me.it's just a material thing but do they even realized what the content means to the person who owns it?sure, they are only interested to the mobile phone itself and with the bargaining i made, are they desperate enough like its their ultimate life not to have it back to me?what would you do?
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