Is this women hitting on me? Did I miss the flirt?

@rick615 (413)
United States
January 19, 2007 1:05pm CST
I was in the office and seeing another company's represenative. I go out and talk with her and besides business, we start talking about hte outdoors and skiing. We both have hit a lot of the same ski places in Colorado and were talking about this and that. I finally told her I needed to get back to work and she said ok, then told me once more about ther product. Then she says, and next time I'm in town, how about we get together for lu-,..uh, dinner." I replied that would be great and left. My wife says that I am naiive about women in some respects and wouldn't know if someone were even hitting on me. I disagree with her (of course). I will mention that this woman was at least 15 years younger than me, very attractive (my receptionist even mentioned that), and yes, I do wear a wedding band. I think she was just being friendly and setting up a business contact. I will need to tell my wife; I just want some input - do you think she was hitting on me or not?
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