Should i take him in band again ? help me out

@samraf (725)
January 19, 2007 1:22pm CST
We were a BAND and after launching our 1st debut song we were becoming very famous day by day and we were planning to do vdo for that song, we did so many hard things to make that song and waited like hell for this achievment and finally we were almost about to do our 1st vdo but suddenly my vocalist show us his back and said he dont wana continue with band and wana go solo and i cant do this vdo with u guys as a band.....and it was all just finished but we rest keep running band some how....but after an year almost my vocalist wana come again and join us now..... what should i do know ? should i kept him back on vocals? as we were supposed to be very good frnds. please suggest... thks in advance
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