Relationships and Relgion

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January 19, 2007 2:03pm CST
Do you date people based on their religion or does it even matter? For some it is detrementel that they date within the same religion. Also, what would you do (or have experienced) if your sig other asked you to convert from yours to theirs? Would you do it just for the sake of whatever or would you stay within your beliefs? I have many friends that are stuck at this pivitol point in their marriage and relationship that they refuse to have any children due to this. I know I had a uncle who was catholic, his wife to be promised she would get her marriage anulled and become a catholic. She had evrey one convinced she wanted to. It would not have been so bad if she had not become one, but the fact that she refused to do the anullment of her prev marriage made my uncle excomunicated witht the church. She knew this would happen and his religion was SO VERY important to him. What do you think about this situauation. Do you think she was in the wrong leading him to believe this or do you think she was right to lie just to apease him? He would not have married her otherwise, so her postition was weird.
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19 Jan 07
I think she was very wrong in what she did to your uncle. He based his life on what she said she was going to do. & yes... it did effect him greatly. I think that's very sad. I am a Catholic & I would never have switched religion's to my spouse's. Although, he did convert to my religion-- his family was catholic but didn't really practice.. I didn't make him be CAtholic to marry me. I think there are alot of great people out there that aren't any religion, but still believe in God & those are the ones that are sometimes the GREATEST people. They live their life just how God wants them to live it. I would have still married my husband if he wouldn't have converted though-- although, I'm happy he did. I feel terrible for your Uncle, because her lie has caused him the one to suffer & if she knows how important his religion is to her-- why doesn't she just do what she promised.
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