When Are People Gonna Learn.....

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January 19, 2007 2:32pm CST
I find these days that more and more instead of people taking responsibility for their own actions and what not, they either blame it on something or someone else. Be it another person, the internet or television. These days a great quanity of the blame is being shoveled on the internet. One of the biggest places I see blame being put on is Myspace. Now I know a lot have their own opinions about Myspace, before one goes ranting off topic please read until the end. There ar several news stories on the net about Myspace and I think most of them are just ridiculous. Parents of minors who have been sexually assualted or abused in some way by someone they met online, are sueing Myspace for thousands upon billions of dollars, over something that could have been all together avoided if the parents had just taken the time to actually monitor what that child had been doing online in the first place. Myspace or any other site for that matter are not babysitters and aren't being paid to be such. And although measures are being put in place to keep the online communities safer, it won't be entirely effective if precautions aren't carried out at home first. Some people need to stop relying on these companies and websites so much and actually take on an active role in their child's online activities. Sueing these companies does nothing , but take away money (if the parents win) from projects that so many are bickering about to be put in place. It's not Myspace's or any other online site's fault for what may occur in one's personal life, especially when you are basically putting most of your home and life details online for the world to see. People should just be more careful online and that's all there is to it. Now I know how antsy you are to start typing so rant away and let me hear those opinions of yours. I will be rating so one or two words won't cut it.
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• Melbourne, Florida
19 Jan 07
I agree. In this world of lawyers rule, every one is trying to find someone to blame so they can sue them. I started realizing this when McDonald's had to pay a woman a million dollars for spilling hot coffee in her lap, IN HER CAR. I mean, I could see a case if an employee had spilled the coffee on her. But she was in her car, spilled coffee on herself, then blamed McDonald's for serving HOT coffee. WTF was that? If she hadn't burned herself, you can bet she would have been in that store complaining that the coffee wasn't hot enough.
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