Have you ever been to a camp? How was it?

@Kdking (171)
January 19, 2007 3:27pm CST
I have been to a camp it was kinda fun we had to go to or dorms late 10:00 and wake up early for physical training which is at 4:30am or 3:00 for fire drill. It was way up in the mountains and it was extremely cold with the whole camp covered in fog sometimes it lasted a month and was a great experience
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@shobasvk (788)
• Malaysia
19 Jan 07
I have been to camp before during my school days.Early mrg around 4am,we had to go for jungle tracking.That was the worst part.Each person have to go individually..When it was my turn..I feel damn scared man.I have to follow the rope until it reaches back from the place where i started.In addition,it was a rainy day.Leeches got into my shoes and suck blood..yeak.I not dare to go camping again. We all don't have enough time to sleep.The maximum is 3 hours or 4 hours a day.At that time,when we go out for training..monkeys came to our camp site and made a big mess..All our cooked food gone.Stolen by monkey.Luckily there were still left inside our camp.We did marching in the shallow part of river..Ended up with fever and caught cold for a few days.
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
19 Jan 07
yes. i had been into a camp when i was still in gradeschool. but we weren't allowed to stay there overnight. but it was still fun. too much games to play and we learned techniques in camping.