Joey from Friend vs. Joey from Joey

January 19, 2007 4:54pm CST
Do you find that the Joey from the television show of the same name does justice to the Joey character from Friends? I find there's subtle differances, like they tried too hard on Joey to make him seem unintelligent. I think Matt Leblanc is a great actor and I think he could've stood on his own on Joey if the writing was just a little better.
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@arlene_27 (231)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
FRIENDS was successful from its Pilot onwards because of the great balance and spread of relationships, witty lines and quirkiness. With 5 of the friends gone, the weird sister and the geek nephew of Joey just couldn't compensate.
• Canada
20 Jan 07
I think they should have brought a couple of the friends back for guest appearances. It would have lured fans over to Joey for the mini-reunion. The balance was great throughout the Friends, everyone had their one quirky attribute. The problem with the sister and nephew was that their parts were too stereotypical.
@yekkie (98)
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
I think joey's personality is better in friends because it brings out the best of the character when surrounded by witty, lovable, energetic cast of friends
@berta67 (176)
• Virgin Islands (British)
25 Jan 07
You dont have to try hard to make Joey look unintelligent ;)
24 Jan 07
It was not a patch on friends. I got the whole box set for xmas yipee! More of my happy day.
@kimmypot (285)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
everything you guys all said is correct. there was just something utterly lacking in joey in "joey". it was like they tried too hard to give him the character he had before but it was too obvious that he's not the same anymore. and yes, i agree that he should mention his "friends" more. i even soemtimes wish that they would call or something. the joey series really cannot compensate for the friends series. if you know all the episodes by heart, you would question the existence of that nephew and character of that sister. remember how joey's sisters all look alike and that in the early season of friends, not one sister was ever married. so i do question the existence of that teenage nephew. the youngest sister got pregnant but that was already in season 9 i think.
22 Jan 07
i prefer joey in friends. but i probably say tht because i prefer friends to joey.
@shatman (727)
20 Jan 07
joey in friends, what a legend, he is so funny, and you never know what stupid comment he will come out with next; however in the actual show joey, the charachter was not as good or as funny, maybe they tried too hard, without letting matt do the work