People Copying Other Discussions.

January 19, 2007 6:02pm CST
Hey people, Right now i am very mad... You probably noticed why by the subject, There is such thing as people on mylot who copy your discussion idea when you had just posted it the SAME DAY. How could you not notice it. And if you did not why not use the search engine to make sure! I mean i've made probably 10 different discussions. And outta all these probably 5 of them were copied on the same day as the discussion was posted... You know who you are and i won't name any names for your own and mine's sake. Just thought this should be heard that there are way too many people doing this and this is really getting on my nerves just because they want to earn money the wrong way. This place is a discussion and earning. But your not supposed to be earning by just copying and spamming the hole place, Which i consider cheating your way through... Hope that makes people understand the situation.
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