please suggest me tips for being mylotian

busy on mylot - i wanna be mylotishworm...hehehe..
January 19, 2007 10:32pm CST
i am fresher to mylot site and it is bit confusing for me,couldn't able to get it fully.please suggest me how to use it properly, how to maintain my score ...
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@smuggeridge (2155)
20 Jan 07
some time ago i started a discussion including the 10 commandments of mylot, follow these and you will earn points well 1)Thou shalt not ridicule anothers ideas or beliefs 2)Thou shalt not copy, paste or even cut anothers work and pass it off as ones own 3)Thou shalt rate all discussions one answers, whether it be positive or negative 4)Thou shalt reply fully, with adequate detail and coherency 5)Thou shalt not ask trivial and pointless questions in the soul search of money 6)Thou shalt discuss with belief and heart but never as to demean or hurt 7)Thou shalt help in their holy task by reporting wrong do-ers 8)Thou shalt enjoy mylot but never let it become their life 9)Thou shalt not spam even if the other website be offering a free crocodile 10) Thou shalt not mess with thine neighbours three legged albino cat sexually
@lilaclady (28224)
• Australia
20 Jan 07
Just do what you are doing, post good quality discussions and respond to other peoples discussions and you will do fine, welcome to Mylot, I think you will enjoy it in here.