I don`t think my wife apreshiates me.

United States
January 19, 2007 11:40pm CST
Ihave the kinde of wife thats never happy about anything. it`s like no matter what go`s in life she hads somthing negative to say.In the news, with people we know, or hell people we don`t kknow. I cant figer it out.And i`m her bigest target.know matter what i do she seem to be unhappy about it. Maybe i exspct the wrong thing from her? But i don`t think so, I do all i can for my famly and provide for them but it seem like it`s unsatisfactory. I have been trying to find a home business to take better care of all of us, and rather then suport me in it it`s like she wants me to fail at it. I don`t get it. someone help me to understand.
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