do you think it fair for women doing housework by herself???

January 20, 2007 12:19am CST
i been married for two years and i feel so hard to do all houseworks most the time bymyself, because i working full time. the life in here is so much different with the life in my country where u can pay for maid to do houseworks. can you guys give me some opinion how to make this thing easier..... thanks
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• United States
20 Jan 07
It is difficult to do alone. If you are used to having a maid, it is even more difficult. I am not sure, that you cannot get a maid where you live now, I am sure that they are available everywhere...perhaps, it is just the financial reasons have changed for you, or maybe it is more difficult. But, whatever the reason, I believe that if you really wanted to get help, by a maid, than you probably could. However, if it is not possible, then your hubby should support you as much as he could. It really isn't easy, and my husband does the things that he likes to do, and sometimes, the things that I want him to do, and when he sees me tired, he helps, or suggests I get a maid to help me. I have yet to call a maid, but, if I need help, I will probably have to.