unable to conceive

January 20, 2007 1:38am CST
Why is this wotld so rude. If a lady can’t get pregneant than why don’t they let us live peacefully. It has been three years since your marriage, you don’t have a child? What answer can a person give. Has it been my fault if I got appendix surgery done. Nothing was in my hand. People says that if a child happens within one year of marriage than its fine otherwise problem occurs. Didn’t the people have got child even after doing family planning for 4 years. What if I decided to take some time to settle up my carrier. Was I wrong.I wited only for a year after marriage, aand sine than We are trying to acheive pregnancy. Now that my brother's wife is preganant(who got married one year after my marriage) the problem has worsen for me. What should I do?
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