Which American Idol Season is the best?

January 20, 2007 3:34am CST
The Season 4 where Carrie Underwood wins is the best for me. They've got a bunch of undisputed talents and charisma. It is also in this season that the age range was raised which paved way for the entrance of my another favorite rocker, Bo Bice. Carrie Underwood or Bo Bice, whosoever could have won really deserves the victory.
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@katenkim (238)
• Singapore
20 Jan 07
i prefer season 4 as the best season for AI. the top 3 were the best singers in america
• United States
2 Feb 07
I agree. I started watching AI at the very end of season 2. To me the best group of top 12 came from Season 4. Carrie is an undisputed star in country right now. But my favorite from Season 4 is Anthony Fedorov, who is coming out with his CD this year. Anthony has matured quite a bit. To be I will always compare other seasons to season 4.
@tmnjyk (3486)
• Canada
3 Feb 07
I see. To me the best was season 3 because one filipina-american was a contestant there in the name of Jasmine Trias. I don't know if you can still remember her. She was the 17 years old girl who are from Hawaii and made it to the top 3. It was a great achievement for her and we are soo happy as our kababayan. This was my best so far. Other season don't have filipino-american yet. I'll wait 'till there is another one then I will watch religiously and vote as well hahaha.
• United States
2 Feb 07
Sorry, but its definately season 1 for me. It was new and exciting, but as far as talent goes, season 4 had the most people in the top 12 that could actually sing great. My favorite still goes to season 1.... Gotta love Kelly Clarkson and look at how HUGE she is now. Big success.
@leedug (920)
• United States
21 Jan 07
Oh yeah, I loved Season 4 as well. However, I think my favorite one hands down is still the 1st season. I went in watching it, not knowing what to expect, and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. I also think that no idol has compared to Kelly Clarkson yet. I liked Season 2 just because of Clay Aiken and a few others, Season 3 I didn't too much care for, Season 4 was AWESOME, and Season was good too. I'm hoping this season is going to be the best of all though.