is confidence boon or bane ?

January 20, 2007 3:49am CST
we normally say that confidence is always good but in raeliyty it is not the case think of a fool man who is really bubbling with confidence does he will agree on valid and true points of others if he have trust in himself and no trust in others he will get poorer due to confidence becoz he is so certain of him self that even a truth is is not acceptable him so its aboon if its a bit less but with uncertainity becoz there is a chance of growth other wise its a bane.
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@nairjula (453)
• India
19 Feb 07
Sometimes a boon and sometims a bane. When confidence become overconfidence, it leads to superiority complex and it kills the person. It is surely a bane. Confidence coupld with humility makes you reach heights
@shedii (1487)
• India
20 Jan 07
Yes, thats true. Confidence is not always good. If a foolish person like you say has confidence, then he destroys everything. He would always think he is right & never listen to others even if others are right.