January 20, 2007 3:54am CST
ok here is the deal.. I play on, i have won 30 dollars, but i havnt cashed out yet. my friend greg who i referred cashed out as soon as he got to 10 dollars.. and ive seen his cheque, so this is real, it does work, i am looking to invite 10 serious gamers who will be inviting 10 people each also. together we can make a huge profit just off of referals. there is 4 tiers that work by 4%,3%,2%,1% of all bounuses over 1.00 and cash outs. so if we all invite 10 people each we cud all have 10,000 people in our networks. please email me if u r interested and serious about making some money online playing video games. o yea.. ITS FREE.. U NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR NETHING.
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