basic computer networking

South Africa
January 20, 2007 6:09am CST
3 computers, 1 with internet connection. i need to link the computers and have access to internet through the 1 pc that has internet connection. i want them to share files, 2 printers. the hardware is already connected to all pcs. please help!!!
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@victorkrish (1594)
• Malaysia
18 Jan 12
You just use router etc data link, to use as connector between 3 computers. Then you can share using internet and share folder, files even use a single device share each other.
@gri123 (39)
• Bulgaria
11 Dec 11
You need a router to connect the computers to connect the printers i don't know but for the computers i am shure.
@vidhi169 (108)
• India
31 Oct 11
If you want to connect your PC's you need to insert LAN card, its the simplest way to connect PC's. For any details on computer hardware and networking, you may check the site below, which provides notes on computer hardware and networking.
• Saudi Arabia
20 Jan 07
I'm connecting 2 laptops using a wireless connection, one of them is connected to the internet(dial up) and the other one connects to the internet through the first one. Its called internet connection sharing and its a property of the Dial up connection in the advanced tab (windows XP). Also you can use the pc that is connected to the net as a proxy for the other two.
@vertex (803)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
Of course you need a network controller which is connect to every of your pc. after you have done it. You must share you hardware so that the networked pc can see it.