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January 20, 2007 6:09am CST
DO you believe that every person must have just one marraige, or relationship, I dont understand the no of marraiges or relationships one person can have, if they dont stick to one then is it worth believing such a person
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• United States
3 Feb 07
i think the number of relationships/marriages is actually quit irrelevant. i have been in 2 serious relationships in my life and a few casual relationships. both of my relationships lasted a while. i'm still with the 2nd serious relationship. he's been married and been in 3 other serious relationships. things didnt work between him and his ex wife because she is pretty demanding and they didnt get a long anymore. the other 2 didnt work out because the one was just boring to him at the end of the relationship and the other girl was a lier and she was a gold digger and spent all of his money on things she didnt need. so it just depends on the persons reasonings why the relationships didnt work. now if we were talking about my aunt. then she's just all over the place. she has been married 5 times i quit counting a while ago. the first one didnt work because she was married at 17 and to an abusive guy. the second one i dont know why. the third one was too jealous and too pushy. the fourth one killed himself. the fifth one is lazy and doesn't work. she's really unstable and not trustworthy. so i would have a hard time believing her.