How could love make you happy and hurt at the same time..

January 20, 2007 7:41am CST
My boyfriend and I were going steady for two years now and plan to get married next year (2008). How would I know or take a hint if we were really meant for each other or that our relationship would always be on the right track. At our first year there isn't a month that we won't get into arguing or petty quarrels atleast 3x amonth or more and at our second year atleast once a month but it won't last for more than two days. Everytime were in this situation i can't help but to worry in our future. Many questions flood into my mind like "How long will he love me?" "Will we able to make it through until we get old?" I know that i can always carry on but divorce isn't just in my dictionary. We've seen influential, popular people who vowed to love each other and yet ended on divorce. I love him but everytime we have this trouble i felt hurt and want to forget him and forget the hurt but my heart goes out for him just seeing him sad. I wonder how a divorce couple feels. Where did the old flame gone? I hope someone can share their advice and experience.
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