If I were u how would you handle these situation?

January 20, 2007 8:14am CST
a while ago we had a family reunion co'z my brother and sister in law just came back here in our country for a vacation with their new born baby. We went into a resort to have some fun. My younger sister ask some favor for my brother as the story goes i wasn't able to give the favor shes asking in short i wasn't able to tell to my brother that she needs money because im just waiting for the perfect timing and inspite of that im really shy to borrow a money from my brother. After the reunion we went go home with our own house i know my sister get mad of me because she really needs a money she text me and inform me that she really mad of me and told everything that would hurt my feelings. In my opinion if theres something whatever favor that i cannot give is it right to easily get mad and say anything thats not good i feel that she had no respect to me at all i thought that if i made a mistake even once she forget all the good things i've done to her co'z of that 1 mistake. How bad for me it really hurts me. I decided not to reply with all her text messages for me its nonsense to explain with a narrowminded person. If you were in my position how would you handle this?
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