School District DENIES It HAS TO Protect After Rape Of 4 kids

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January 20, 2007 9:34am CST
I cannot paste the article here that our morning paper had stating our school district feels they do not have to protect the children in the school. If you would like to read the whole article copy this link,0,794502.story Basically a 12 year old student in an elementary school here in Allentown had raped a total of 4 first grade boys without the school doing ANYTHING other than restricting the child after the first occurance to use a bathroom on another floor than the basement where the first graders were. The child then raped 3 more boys. The school and district KNEW right after each occurance AND DID NOTHING! It was after the 4th child reported it to his father as well that his father called police and it was then investigated. The school districts response was that "Unless the children are in the custody of the state,they are not entitled to be protected." WHAT THE **** is wrong with these people???? This is THE SAME school district that has suspended my daughter for bringing a cell phone to school so that I can contact her or she me if there was an emergency due to 5 bomb threats within a months period. SHE gets suspended yet a "serial rapist" is just told to use a different bathroom after he rapes a child inside the school where a teacher caught him. Let me hear what yall think on this one...
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21 Jan 07
There's something severely wrong with this picture. My kid got convicted of battery for watching a fight yet these idiots say that they don't have to protect children? That is f*cked up, excuse the French, but there's no other way to express it. What the hell is the matter with those people?
@jesi06 (279)
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23 Jan 07
My thoughts EXACTLY! Thank you for your input. It is ONE STRANGE world we live in.