What is death like?

January 20, 2007 10:06am CST
This s going to sound very strange and maybe even a bit morbid but has anyne ever tried to imagine what it would be ike to be dead? I have tried and I must say it is a scary concept and a wierd experience, essentially it can't be done as you cannot shut down your brain to feel what it would truly be like to be dead. When I tried it I tried to think of nothing, but when you think of othing you are actually concentrating on thinking about nothing so yu actually are thinkong of something. There are of course people who may be able to give a good insight into this topic, people who have been pronounced dead and the been ressucitated, or perhaps even people who have been in a coma. But if you have never tried to imagine it, maybe give it a go and see how difficult it is.
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