i've reached my first 1$ on myLot!!!

January 20, 2007 10:46am CST
i'm very happy because today i've reached my first dollar on myLot!!! i'm registred 1 week ago and i reach with a minimum work of 2-3 hours per day my 1st$ i posted, i uploaded some images and wrote new discussion, even if many and many were unsuccessfull, i don't know why, but usually i saw that i don't receive more of 3 replies...however in only 1 week i reach 1 $ and i'm very happy...now i hope to reach the payout as soon as! In how much time did you reach the payout? And usually in wich time you have reached 1$? bye and good luck on myLot
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• Philippines
20 Jan 07
During my first day here in mylot, i earned .83 cents but in my second day, i earned 3 dollars!...It's very hard to achieve that amount for a day because it needs more effort and time!...I spend 5 to 6 hrs just to earn that money!...I always take my rest very late!...Im tired of doing it but its my obligation as a member of this earning site!...lolz
• Greece
20 Jan 07
First of all congratulations for your first dollar my friend. After this i have to tell youthat nobody can tell you for sure how much time you want to reach the 10 dollars but you have to know that the money you earn here depend on the number of your post but first of alll on the quality of your posts.
@zal3x89 (280)
• Romania
20 Jan 07
congratulations keep up the good work a litle tip:you earn good from uploading phoyos Peace