What is you favorite song of V6?

January 20, 2007 10:49am CST
Which V6's song do you like? For me, I like "Take me higher" and "change the world". I always listen to this songs, it makes my soul energized! :)
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• Philippines
1 Oct 07
eventhough i have no idea what their songs mean, i still like some of their songs... my favorite v6 song is 'darling'... but i also like 'cosmic rescue', 'ai no melody', 'utao utao'
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
Yeah, their songs are really awesome.
• India
20 Jan 07
well i've not heard any song of this yet...
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
Take me higher was the opening song for Utraman Tiga and Change the world was the opening for Inuyasha. Got it? :)
• Singapore
3 May 09
my favourites would be DARLING i love the hype!! hahaha.. it's going to be my earworm forever. hahahaha... and i like their new SWING! too
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
I love many of their songs that it's hard for me to enumerate. I've been a fan since 1999 and their old and new songs are really different. From the old songs, I love "Honki ga Ippai", "In The Wind", "Generation Gap", "Miracles Starter...", "Nature Boy", and many more. For the new songs, I like "Chou", "Good Day!", "Voyager", "Live Show". Also, I love most of Tonisen's songs. :D
• Philippines
3 Feb 07
my fav song of V6 are "change the world" "brand new world" and "feel your breeze" cause i like thier up beat songs.