The queen of tact

@anabaik (206)
January 20, 2007 1:59pm CST
I've had 2 co-workers ask me within as many weeks why i won't talk to them. person 1: may be mildly retarded, i'm not sure. but where everyone else at work is either mean to her face or appeases her constant appetite to talk to others about things which they could not possibly care, i simply go out of my way to avoid her. btw, the people that do talk to her complain about it to everyone else afterwards. well, one afternoon a mistake was made by my department, and my management team passed the message along to us (which is their job). later, i was sitting in the break room, on break, reading a book, when this girl walks in like "i need to talk to you about [the incident]..." during which i was gathering up my belongings to leave the room in an organized fashion. halfway out the door, she says, "jackie, why won't you talk to me?" and i says "because i don't want to." and i left. some may say i'm a mean, horrible person for doing this, but my reasoning is she is annoying, she does talk about things i don't care about, her voice is actually worse than nails down a chalkboard, i was ON BREAK, which means i am not required to do ANYTHING, especially be lectured by another peon, i was READING, HELLO!, and it is NOT her job to tell me how to do mine. thanks. besides, as fu*ked up as it sounds, i've made almost a little game out of avoiding her talking to me. for someone as lazy as myself to walk an extra 20 feet out of the way, there has to be a reason.
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