January 20, 2007 3:45pm CST
Do you really believe in god, are you confused about some of the inconsistances that are presented by both all major religions? There doesn't appear to be any credible evidence for the existence of god except a lot of aggression toward you if you even question the existence of the big G.
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@WebGal (48)
• United States
21 Jan 07
Agression? Seriously? I've been openly atheistic for years and have rarely seen more than moderate surprise in response. You mentionn your own doubts and suggest that you've experienced some sort of agression in response to your position. What do people say to you, and how do you respond? I've never had to go further than acknowledging that the whole question of the existence of a supernatural being (or beings) is a matter of faith and that I can comfortably live in a world with a diversity of faiths and opinions, as long as my life and well-being are not threatened by them.
• Australia
22 Jan 07
A good reponse, some people respond with a lot of gibberish but hardly ever with any thing more than a feeing that god exists. Perhaps I do take a reather serious position and that could be a reaction to my doubt. You have made me think alittle more about my actions. Thanks
@dickkell (403)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I believe in God, both because there is a good amount of reasonable, credible evidence for Him, but more importantly, because I have experienced Him personally. I wonder why personal experiences are discreditted in religion but given much credence in philosophy and science?