Maybe it's just me

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January 20, 2007 4:15pm CST
After working a grueling 11 hour shift this saturday, i was due to come back in to work at 9:15 on sunday morning. as you may have guessed, i would rather have continued sleeping, but c'est la vie... i pull into the parking lot-- and it's not empty. wtf? the mall doesn't open til noon? oh, yeah, churchies. (there's a church group that meets at my work every sunday. well, there was...) as i walk towards the entrance doors, i notice that the automatic door is being held open by two people, i'll call them "welcomers." one was propping one side of the double-door open, the other was manning (or wo-manning) the button for opening the door. they were saying things like "good morning" and "good to see you again." i didn't want to be the recipient of either of those greetings (by the likes of them, anyway) so i turn to enter a non-held-open door when i see someone else, who had made the same choice i was about to, struggling to open a locked door. crap. ok, apparently they only one door had been unlocked. and the welcomers over there are going to greet me and expect my undying gratitude for holding a door open for me that: 1) i could easily open myself 2) i didn't ask them to hold open for me 3) i usually go in, anyway 4) they are "welcome" trolling, with their "thank you" tax i roll my eyes through my dark sunglasses and proceed to enter the building. through the held door. ::deep breathe:: (here it comes....) "GOOD MORNING!" (i continue walking) "OH, YOU'RE HERE TO WORK!" yes. yes, what an astute observation, thank you. and so started my day... ~ASIDE: i consider myself a spiritual person, however, i am not very churchy at all. and i'll tell you why. church people have a very "join us" vibe to them. "room for one more..." it's creepy to me. and of course, while you're reading this, you should picture someone with wide, blank eyes and a plastic smile. a group of them. closing in on you. one of us. one of us.
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20 Jan 07
I do understand where you are coming from but on the same hand they too are just doing a job just be polite and say good morning and keep right on going.What does not kill you only makes you stronger.
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@anabaik (206)
• Malaysia
21 Jan 07
thank you for reading and thank you so much for your advice. i really appreciate it. have a nice day.
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