How can I control my temper?

January 20, 2007 8:03pm CST
I have a horrible temper and I need to control it. Please note that I will NOT take pills for it those are harmful they don't work on me and nither does anger managemant and counting to 10 makes me even angrier! How can I control it??????
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• India
21 Jan 07
These are practical tips that i myself use to control anger. Firstly, Avoid the situation. If such situation arises, and u r too angry to think logically, just move away from that situation. Its better than initiation of fight, as anger is always followed by anger from opposite site. At times u may b called coward, but its better than anger which damages u r health. After going away, just think of something relaxing like music or anything that suits u, i personally play a game on my cellphone. Than when u r relaxed, go back to situation and think logically and do the needful. To avoid anger being crept up in mind, don't keep too many things in mind. If u have a little prob with somebody, tell it. in long run that little prob becomes huge enough to make u loose ur temper.
@XxAngelxX (2830)
• Canada
21 Jan 07
Perhaps once you are angry you need to remove yourself from the situation until you calm down. Go for a walk or do something to burn off that energy, then once you've calmed down you can think logically about whatever it was that made you upset in the first place.