October 6, 2006 11:17am CST
id like to file for custody for my little girl in another state what id like to know sense we have never been married and are girl is 6months old do i have legal right to leave with her and file for custody
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2 May 08
If you care about your daughter so much why won't you call the hospital with her insurance information??? Sounds to me like you "love" for her is going to end up killing her, boy that will sure show her mom who got the last laugh. Man up and think about your daughter for once
@sabrinam (1204)
• United States
24 Oct 06
Court clerks are not legally allowed to help anyone, they can be fired and fined for doing so. An attorney is your only recourse, but then again from what I hear, you're in jail right now, absconding the state with a child (anyone under 18) without consent from either parent is a federal offense.
@Aali311 (6125)
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16 Oct 06
If you are the father then you do have rights, go to the courts where your baby lives, in that city or town and ask the clerk for the proper paper work to file for custody and fill it out and give it to them.