Dreadlock one of the most popular and old hair style!!!

@ktmpok (611)
January 21, 2007 12:59am CST
Dreadlock is one of the most oldest and still most popular hair style among girls and boys.It is popular in both east and west side of the world.It is started before then 200BC.In the east it is adopted by sadhus,evev by our one of the lord Shiva and in the east of the ancients kings and popular personalities had adopeted.I like to this hari style very much and i have also made mine hair like that.....
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@magarboyz (568)
• Nepal
22 Jan 07
well dreadlock is a old fashioned hairstyle nowadays there are many hair styles in town...but still dreadlock is still going on...
@patrice7 (1192)
• United States
21 Jan 07
wow!. i also have many friends whose hair is like that. thank you for the information about it.. i didnt know it existed long ago. and here i thought bob marley was the source.. anyway dreadlocks are fine as long as you know how to take care of your hair. my friend who has long dreads sometimes forgets to clean his hair which makes it very smelly. and also he has lots of bugs or something in his hair. i think that if you are gonna make your hair like that then please maintain the integrity of your hair. anyway i think that its much easier to manage if your dreadlocked hair is short.. and i think that it looks good too.. can you upload a picture of yourself and you hair?.