What can we do to stop war and terrorism ?

January 21, 2007 2:38am CST
Ok now, I know that war is a part of our lives, whether it's fighting this your neighbors or a friends but I'm talking about big bombs ! How and what could we do to stop war or terrorism in the world? Thank you.
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@Netsbridge (3242)
• United States
26 Jan 07
Learn to respect others and their viewpoints. I very much like what one unknown author wrote: "War is terrorism practiced by the rich; terrorism is war practiced by the poor." I, however, believe the author meant freedom fighting is war practiced by the poor! People should learn to live and let live. Sometimes, the only way one can show love is to leave others alone!
• India
26 Jan 07
do u thik that the normal people are responsible for wars that had been ravaging this planet for centuries and milleniums?It's a BIG NO.......war is a nick name for egoic superiority complex....just go through the history u'll see that the kings and leaders had waged war provoked people and hurt them all for three reasons 1)lust for power 2)patriotic ego 3)gaining more resources for the country.......the latest is the bush principles in middle east claiming terrorists and snatching oil resources to maintain the oil price in his nation and maintain his term in the US for a longer time....history is a book of all knowledge to tell us not to make mistakes and learn from others mistakes people can prevent war only by CHOOSING A GOOD LEADER to rule their nation and who is not greedy for the three things that has detiorated the world
@chocks (513)
• India
21 Jan 07
Ask Bush and his alied to withdraw his force from Iraq.And let their life live in their way.It would stop war and terrorism.