what is right and what is wrong????

January 21, 2007 2:45am CST
Does anybody knw what is right and what is wrong??? Some wise ppl say that anything tht v do against our conscience is wrong!!!! But evn v do the 'so called sins' like taking somebody's life or makn sumone hurt etc...v dnt feel guilty,,,thn wht really is SIN??? and wht is the consequence of a sin???? i dnt thnk tht HEAVEN and HELL really exist...or tht v hav to face any judgement day!!! can anyone answer these questions????
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• India
21 Jan 07
I feel Different people have different views.There's nothing like right or wrong.What seems right to you might seem wrong to someone else and vice versa.Our thinking/decision is a function of our society,surrounding and time.Examples: Cultures vary in different countries(society):Some countries wont mind a women in a bikini;some countries don't allow women to wear anything that exposes any part.Culture/thinking varies with time as well: Being Gay was considered a taboo but their are countries who have started accepting Gay marriages.So, it's just a matter of how our brain is conditioned.
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21 Jan 07
thx tht was really helpful....
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23 Jan 07
conscience - truth about conscience and GOD
the notion of right and wrong is based on our beliefs, on our principles, on what we think is morally right and acceptable. every person because of his belief may see an act as right, while another person may find that act wrong. different beliefs results to different perceptions of what is appropriate or not. what is a sin depends on you.sin is anything that is contrary to your faith, to your beliefs.